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#1) NCSA Website is You will need to login to this web site each week and:

a) Print out 1 copy of the game day form.

b) Enter the score of the game within 4 hours if you are the winning team. If the game is TIE, the Home Team will enter the score.

c) Check to ensure there are no game time or field location change

** Phillip Choo ( or Meena Grizetti ( can assist if you need credentials to login**

If you do not have the game day form, you will NOT be able to play. This is a hard-and-fast rule.

 #2) USClubSoccer. You will need to login and download your roster. Please ensure your roster is correct and that you have jersey #’s for each player. The Correct/Proper Roster MUST Contain the NCSA Watermark on it. Gary/Meena would have also emailed you this roster in PDF Format.

You will need to present (2) Copies of your WaterMarked roster each week. (1 for Referee, 1 for other team)

** Phillip Choo ( or Meena Grizetti ( can assist if you need credentials to login**

If you do not have the (2) Copies of the roster, you will NOT be able to play. This is a hard-and-fast rule. 


#3) Player Passes. Player passes MUST be laminated and present at each game. If you do not have Player Passes and they are NOT Laminated, you will NOT be able to play the game. In an Emergency, I own a Laminating machine and can do this for you if needed (BD).

This is a hard-and-fast rule.

 #4) Game Balls. You are required to provide (2) Game Day Balls ONLY IF you are the Home Team. Please ensure they have enough air in them. For Away Games, the other Team shall provide.

 #5) Corner FlagsAt EVERY Home game, you are required to provide your own set of corner flags. If you are the 1st game on a field each week, you should ensure prior to your match that the field is lined and the goals are present and ready to go. Please try to do this the night before. Just in case there are any issues with the field, we have time to remedy the problem beforehand. At the completion of your game, please collect your corner flags so you have them for your next home game. Trinity Field is a Mahwah Raiders Field, so Flags will/should be present for ALL GAMES.

 #6) Referee FeesAt EVERY game, you are required to pay the referee and Asst Referee the EXACT amount. Our Treasurer will have checks for each of you prior to the season and they can be picked up at my house. 6 Maple Avenue, Mahwah, NJ. The top-right of the game-day form, will have the exact amount. I suggest when you receive your check, that you get to the bank and get bills in different denominations to be able to pay the referee your exact amount. They will NOT have change.

#7) Uniforms. It is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM to reach out to the visitor to ensure there is no color conflict when the game is played. At home, we typically wear Light Blue, and Away we wear White. This is not always hard and true, as you need to ensure the other team does not conflict with our colors. 

#8) First Aid/Contact Info/Allergies/Etc. It is your duty as a Manager to ensure you have a complete first aid kit, as well as copies of your medical release forms which contain contact information in case of emergencies. If you have a TSF or LSA trainer present at the game they are ONLY responsible for coaching, and NONE of the above.

 #9) Team SnapI encourage you all to use the Team Snap App to help manage communication to your parents/players. This system will come in handy if you arrive and the game is either called off for rain, other issues, etc. Please contact Byron Diaz with any questions related to Team Snap..

#10) Referee Evaluation FormAt the end of each game, we encourage you to go to the site, login, and submit the referee evaluation form. This helps the league keep track and address any issue with Referee. If you have any issue at a game, please communicate with Byron (Boys VP) or Tony (Girls VP) so we can address immediately. 

#11) Bad WeatherNo Manager, Coach, or Trainer can call a game due to bad weather or unplayable field conditions. The Referee at Game-Time OR the Home Team’s Town can deem a field unplayable due to weather. Please ensure that if there is bad weather out that you are in CONSTANT Contact with the other coach to ensure the game is still on. There are going to be times that the town has not closed a field, you arrive, and the Referee calls the game off. This will happen from time to time and is par for the course. If the Referee arrives, he will be paid his fee, regardless if the game is called off. 

 Example: For home games, if Byron/Tony/Gary/Meena do not notify you that the field is closed by the town of Mahwah, you MUST arrive and leave the decision to the referee if the game will be played or not. Remember, the Referee gets paid FULL AMOUNT regardless. 

Byron Diaz (President)

Cell 201-306-9605

Bryan Hoffman (Boys VP)


Tony Monks (Girls VP)

Cell 201-828-9890

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